“The heart of the PROPER organization’s mission lies in empowering a community to utilize its own internal resources to create positive development and economic growth.”

PROPER was founded in 1990 by Apostle E. D. Mondainé  of Celebration Tabernacle Church as a community enhancement organization in Portland, Oregon. It has since expanded to St. Louis, Missouri as well and directly affects an estimated 7,500 people annually. Within the next 5 years PROPER will continue to expand its time-tested model of internal community involvement into other cities throughout the United States.

People Reaching Other People Expecting Restoration (PROPER) seeks to improve communities through proactive communication and greater awareness by generating open dialogues and lasting relationships between local businesses, organizations, churches and individuals.

The PROPER Festival
The PROPER festival operates as a fulcrum that helps unify the various parties together under a single goal. The festival is comprised of and ultimately organized by local artists, associations, businesses and invested residents. It serves to showcase local talent, provides a means through which organizations can connect with residents, and helps give the overall community a sense of identity and unity.

Most PROPER festivals include: booths from local businesses, churches and organizations, free food, family entertainment, local talent and local speakers.

The PROPER Feast
Here we celebrate the traditions and the table on Thanksgiving Day. And, welcome the volunteer spirit to, among other things, don certified chef coats, entertain through storytelling and sing-a-longs, serve, meet neighbors and to realize this family-friendly time as something so community you’d have to come to believe: Thanksgiving at its soul since 2000!